A Is For Àdìre! Yorùbá Cultural Dictionary

A is for Àdìre! Yorùbá Cultural Dictionary introduces young readers and their families to the language and culture of the Yorùbá, one of the largest ethnic groups found in southwestern Nigeria, Benin and Togo. Today, Yorùbá is spoken in various places around the world. This dictionary will also help readers read the Yorùbá alphabet and pronounce Yorùbá words.

Primarily aimed at English speakers ages 3 and up, it is also excellent for native Yorùbá speakers as well as parents and children interested in learning how to speak an African language. This timeless resource is a must in every home!

Special Features:

  • Bold, Easy to Read Letters and Words
  • Yorùbá Alphabet and Number Chart (1-10)
  • Fun, Colorful Illustrations
  • A Collector's Item
  • Great For All Ages!